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September 2020, 29:3

Journal of the History of Sexuality
Sodomy and Criminal Justice in the Parlement of Paris, ca. 1540–ca. 1700
Tom Hamilton
Mandrake and Monarchy in Early Modern Spain
Emily Kuffner
"This Was My Utopia": Sexual Experimentation and Masculinity in the 1960s Bay Area Radical Left
Andrew Lester
Love, Consent, and the Sexual Script of a Victorian Affair in Dublin
Juliana Adelman and Ciaran O'Neill
The Danger of "Moral Sabotage": Western Prisoners of War on Trial for Homosexual Relations in Nazi Germany
Raffael Scheck

Book Reviews

Categorically Famous: Literary Celebrity and Sexual Liberation in 1960s America, by Guy Davidson
Jordan S. Carroll
The Naked Truth: Viennese Modernism and the Body, by Alys X. George
Ambika Natarajan
Infrahumanisms: Science, Culture, and the Making of Modern Non/Personhood, by Megan H. Glick
Ina Linge
Unlearning Eugenics: Sexuality, Reproduction, and Disability in the Post-Nazi Europe, by Dagmar Herzog
           Richard Cleminson
Governing Gender and Sexuality in Colonial India: The Hijra, c. 1850–1900, by Jessica Hinchy
Ishita Pande
Sexual Politics and Feminist Science: Women Sexologists in Germany 1900–1933, by Kirsten Leng
Ghiara Beccalossi
Sodomites, Pederasts, and Tribades in Eighteenth-Century France: A Documentary History, edited by Jeffrey Merrick
Reginald McGinnis
Polygamy: An Early American History, by Sarah M. S. Pearsall
           Christopher M. Gleason
Public City/Public Sex: Homosexuality, Prostitution, and Urban Culture in Nineteenth-Century Paris, by Andrew Israel Ross
Andrew J. Counter
Ovidian Transversions: "Iphis and Ianthe," 1300–1650, edited by Valerie Traub, Patricia Badir, and Peggy McCracken
           Ian Frederick Moulton