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Volume 55, Number 3, 2020

Information & Culture
Editor's Note:  It's All about Information and Culture, by Andrew Dillion
Arguing Against Graphic Ambivalence: What Earth Modeling Reveals about Visualization in Scientific Computing
Nicole Sansone Ruiz
The Evolution of the Ethnographic Object Catalog of the Canadian Museum of History, Part 2: Systematizing, Communicating, and Reconciling Anthropological Knowledge in the Museum, ca. 1960-2018
Heather MacNeil, Jessica Lapp, and Nadine Finlay
Creating the Twentieth-Century Literary Archives: A Short History of the Poetry Collection at the University at Buffalo
Alison Fraser
Politics, Privilege, and the Records of the Presidency
Bradley J. Wiles
Book Reviews
How We Became Our Data: A Genealogy of the Informational Person, by Colin Koopman
Rebecka Taves Sheffield
Documentarity: Evidence, Ontology, and Inscription, by Ronald E. Day
Brian Justie
Reluctant Power: Networks, Corporations, and the Struggle for Global Governance in the Early 20th Century, by Rita Zajácz
Jasmine E. McNealy