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2020 JLAG, 19:2

Journal of Latin American Geography
Editorial: JLAG's Publishing Model
JLAG Editorial Team
Building Influential Networks in Community-Managed Water and Sanitation Near Cali, Colombia
Ashley R. Coles
Territorializing the Urban-Rural Border in Medellin, Colombia: Socio-Ecological Assemblages and Disruptions
Colleen Hammelman and Alexis Saenz-Montoya
Fragmented and Diverging Strategies and Initiatives as the Pattern of Governance Outcomes in Brazilian Local Productive Arrangements
Tiago Roberto Alves Teixeira
Imaginando territorios plurales de vida: una lectura feminista de las resistencias en los movimientos socio-territoriales en el Ecuador
Diana Vela-Almeida, Sofia Zaragocin, Manuel Bayon, and Inigo Arrazola
Living Smallholder Vulnerability: The Everyday Experience of Climate Change in Calakmul, Mexico
Lisa Green, Birgit Schmook, Claudia Radel and Sofia Mardero
Sharecroppers, Dry Wells, and a Taste for Tlayudas: A Longitudinal Study of Rain-fed Maize Persistence in the Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico
Fiona J. Gladstone
Where is the Geography? The Geographical Predicaments of the Panethnic Terms Hispanic and Latino
Alan P. Marcus
Luchas en red o luchas colectivas en la Amazonia del Ecuador: el caso de Tzawata
Maria Belen Norona
Human Landscape Modification in Placencia, Stann Creek District, Belize: Possible Implications for Crocodile Hybridization
Jordan Cissell and Michael K. Steinberg
Do Infrastructure Improvements for Regional Integration Increase Traffic Volume? The Case of the Inter-Oceanic Highway in the Southwestern Amazon
Stephen Perz and Rafael O. Rojas
JLAG en Traduccion
Imagining Plural Territories of Life: A Feminist Reading of Resistance in Socio-Territorial Movements in Ecuador
Diana Vela-Almeida, Sofia Zaragocin, Manuel Bayon, and Inigo Arrazola
translated by Liz Mason-Deese
JLAG Perspectives
"Cuando llegaron los Haitianos": Black and Central American Migration, Respectability, and the Asylum Crisis in Tijuana, Mexico
Dario Valles

Book Reviews

From Strangers to Neighbors: Post-Disaster Resettlement and Community Building in Honduras, by Ryan Alaniz
Reviewed by Kendra McSweeney
How Development Projects Persist: Everyday Negotiation with Guatemalan NGOs, by Erin Beck
Reviewed by Michelle Moran-Taylor
The Brazil Reader: History, Culture, Politics, by James N. Green, Victoria Langland, Lilia Moritz Schwarcz, eds.
Reviewed by Alan P. Marcus
Becoming Creole: Nature and Race n Belize, by Melissa A. Johnson
Reviewed by Joseph L. Scarpaci
Jose Artigas and the Federal League in Uruuay's War of Independence (1810-1820), by William H. Katra
Reviewed by John Kelly
The End of the Cognitive Empire: The Coming of Age of Epistemologies of the South, by Boaventura de Sousa Santos
Reviewed by Sam Halvorsen