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2020 JLAG, 19:1

Journal of Latin American Geography
Letter from the CLAG Executive Director
Michael Steinberg
Fifty Years of Latin American(ist) Geography
John C. Finn and Jorn Seemann
Early Days with the Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers: Some Very Selective, Irreverent, and Personal Reminiscences
Tom Martinson
CLAGistas: The Rise of Women in Latin American Geography
T. Shawn Mitchell
Past and Present in CLAG Publications, 1971-2018
Andrew Sluyter and Brett Spencer
Benchmarking and Beyond: CLAG's Role in Evaluating Research Agendas, 1970-2020
Gregory Knapp
Geographic Research on Tourism in Latin America and the Caribbean, 1970-2020
Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt
Emerging Geographies: Academic Communities, Research Agendas, and International Conferences in Ecuador and Bolivia
Andrea Carrion and Maria F. Lopez Sandoval
El lugar de la ecologia politica dentro de la geografia latinoamericana: el caso de CLAG
Melissa Moreano and Diana Vela-Almeida
The Sauer Tree in Time and Place
Kent Mathewson, Ashley L. Allen, Audrey Grismore, Mariano Lagos, Jessica Rose Simms, and Brett Spencer
Geografia latinoamericanista en Mexico: balance hisorico a partir de la escuela de Berkeley
Pedro S. Urquijo Torres, Paola C. Segundo, and Gerardo Bocco
Photographs from The Field
Fifty Years of Fieldwork in Latin America
Rick Bein, Richard Wilkie, W. George Lovell, Bill Doolittle, Jim Biles, Karl Offen, Matthew Taylor, Tom Perreault, Roman Mamini, Case Watkins, Ashley Coles, Felipe Magalhaes, Federica Bono, Yulia Garcia Sarduy, Christian Brannstrom, Dayna Cueva Alegria, Kenneth D. Madsen, Jeffrey S. Smith, Sisimac Duchicela, Jorge Ruiz, Kristen Conway-Gomez, Nicolas Vergara-Arribas, Siobhan Speiran, Joel E. Correia, Jorge Choy-Gomez, Patrick Coatarpeter, Jordan Brasher, Julie Cupples, Daniel Zayonc, Gisselle Vila Benites, Patricia Wood Dickerson
Critical Engagements
Territories of Latin American Geography
Joel E. Correia
Territorio(s) numa perspectiva latino-americana
Rogerio Haesbaert
Desigualdad y fragmentacion territorial en America Latina
Pablo Paolasso
Geografias feministas na America Latina: desafios epistemologicos e a decolnialidade de saberes
Joseli Maria Silva and Marcio Jose Ornat
Geographies of the Underground in Latin America
Matthew Himley and Andrea Marston
Subsidy from Nature: Green Sea Turtles in the Colonial Caribbean
Karl Offen
Research Agendas
Where Are the Cities? On Not Excluding (Much More Than) half of the Latin Americans in Latin Americanist Geography
Kikolai A. Alvarado
Real Estate and the Production of Urban Space: A Pervasive Debt of Latin American(ist) Geography
Nicolas Vergara-Arribas
Feminist Futures in Latin American Geography
Anne-Marie Hanson
Dinamicas socioambientales contemporaneas y las nuevas oportunidades para realzar la geografia latinoamericana
Edgar Espinoza-Cisneros and Isabel Avendano-Flores
Racialized and Identity-Based Inequalities as (New?) Frontiers for Academic Discussion: Future Agendas around Land Issues
Diego Andres Lugo-Vivas
JLAG em Traducao
Introducing JLAG em Traducao/JLAG en Traduccion
John C. Finn, Martha Bell, Jorn Seemann, Gabriela Valdivia, and Eric Carter
Territory/ies from a Latin American Perspective
Rogerio Haesbaert, translated by Liz Mason-Deese
Feminist Geographies in Latin America: Epistemological Challenges and the Decoloniality of Knowledge
Joseli Maria Silva and Jose Ornat, translated by Liz Mason-Deese