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Winter/Spring, 2019 50:1

Asian Music
In Search of Asylum:  Solitary Singing Practice in Koin Norae-Bang by Contemporary Korean Young People
Jayoung Joo
Capturing Sound or History?  Understanding the 1928 Minzoku Geijutsu Transcription Debate
Richard Miller
Mobilities, Experienced and Performed, in Mongolia's Urtyn Duu Tradition
Sunmin Yoon
Sound Spectrum Analysis:  Ryuteki and Hichiriki Techniques as Performers of Structure and Mode in Etenraku
Amy D. Simon

Book Reviews

Aida Huseynova
Music of Azerbaijan:  From Mugham to Opera
(János Sipos)
Shzr Ee Tan
Beyond "Innocence":  Amis Aboriginal Song in Taiwan as an ecosystem
(Nancy Guy)
Uwe U. Paetzold and Paul H. Mason eds.
The Fighting Art of Pencak Silat and Its Music:  From Southeast Asian Village to Global Movement
(Christina Sunardi)
Bart Barendregt, ed.
Sonic Modernities in the Malay World:  A History of Popular Music, Social Distinction, and Novel Lifestyles (1930s–2000s)
           (Sarah Anaïs Andrieu)
Jennifer A. Fraser
Gongs & Pop Songs:  Sounding Minangkabau in Indonesia
(Megan Collins)