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Volume 54, Number 3, 2019

Information & Culture
Perspectives on Information
Collecting as Routine Human Behavior:  Personal Identity and Control in the Material and Digital World
           Andrew Dillon
A Tale of Two Networks:  The Bell Telephone System and the Meaning of "Information," 1947–1968
Emily Goodmann
"Hemisphere Training":  Exporting the Psychological Self at the Inter-American Popular Information Program
Rob Aitken
The Literature of Amercian Library History, 2016–2017
Edward A. Goedeken
Book Reviews
The Poem Electric:  Technology and the Lyric, by Seth Perlow
Tanya Clement
IBM:  The Rise and Fall and Reinvention of a Global Icon, by James Cortada
Jillian Foley
The Robotic Imaginary:  The Human and the Prcie of Dehumanized Labor, by Jennifer Rhee
Marc Kosciejew
Raymond Klibansky and the Warburg Library Network:  Intellectual Peregrinations from Hamburg to London and Montreal, eds. Philippe Despoix and Jillian Tomm
David B. Levy
Power Button:  A History of Pleasure, Panic, and the Politics of Pushing, by Rachel Plotnick
Hannes Mandel