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Volume 54, Number 2, 2019

Information & Culture
Making Messages Private:  The Formation of Postal Privacy and Its Relevance for Digital Sureveillance
Efrat Nechushtai
Archival Automation in the United Kingdom and the Relationship between Standardization and Computerization
Jenny Bunn
Information in an Industrial Culture:  Walter A. Shewhart and the Evolution of the Control Chart, 1917–1954
Phillip G. Bradford and Paul J. Miranti
Innovation in Search of A Context:  The Early History of Lexis
Xiaohua Zhu
Book Reviews
Making IT Work:  A History of the Computer Services Industry, by Jeffrey R. Yost
Sarah A. Bell
Weaving the Dark Web:  Legitimacy on Freenet, Tor, and I2P, by Robert Gehl
Elinor Carmi
Open Space:  The Global Effort for Open Access to Environmental Satellite Data, by Mariel Borowitz
Robert D. Montoya
My Life as a Spy:  Investigations in a Secret Police File, by Katherine Verdery
Kalpana Shankar