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January 2019, 28:1

Journal of the History of Sexuality

Albert Moll's Ambivalence about Homosexuality and His Marginalization as a Sexual Pioneer
Harry Oosterhuis
The Perfect Woman:  Transgender Femininity and National Modernity in New Order Indonesia, 1968–1978
Benjamin Hegarty
"Todos/as somos 41":  The Dance of the Forty-One from Homosexual Reappropriation to Transgender Representation in Mexico, 1945–2001
Robert Franco
The Battle for Chastity:  Miraculous Castration and the Quelling of Desire in the Middle Ages
Jacqueline Murray
Abusing Hugh Davis:  Determining the Crime in a Seventeenth-Century American Morality Case
Alan Scot Willis

Book Reviews

The Hirschfeld Archives:  Violence, Death, and Modern Queer Culture, by Heike Bauer
Brian Lewis
Welcome to Fairyland:  Queer Miami before 1940, by Julio Capó Jr.
Whitney Strub
Same-Sex Marriage in Renaissance Rome:  Sexuality, Identity, and Community in Early Modern Europe, by Gary Ferguson
Ruth Mazo Karras
Awakening:  How Gays and Lesbians Brough Marriage Equality to America, by Nathaniel Frank
Wedlocked:  The Perils of Marriage Equality, by Katherine Frank
William Kuby
Lewd Looks:  American Sexploitation Cinema, by Elena Gorfinkel
Hilary Radner
Sexual Liberartion, Socialist Style:  Communist Czechoslovakia and the Science of Desire, 1945–1989, by Katerina Liskova
Agnieszka Koscianska
True Sex:  The Lives of Trans Men at the Turn of Twentieth Century, by Emily Skidmore
Don Romesburg
Black on Both Sides:  A Racial History of Trans Identity, by C. Riley Snorton
Naomi Extra
Not Straight from Germany:  Sexual Publics and Sexual Citizenship since Magnus Hirschfeld, edited by Michael Thomas Taylor, Annette Timm, and Rainer Herrn
Heike Bauer