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#84, Fall 2019

The Velvet Light Trap

The 1990s:  A Decade of Change

Production Cultures and the "look" of Nostalgia:  The Rocketeer as Failed Franchise
Derek Long
"Being Inside the Movie":  1990s Theme Park Ride Films and Immersive Film Experiences
Angela Ndalianis and Jessica Balanzategui
In the Wakes of Rodney King: Militant Evidence and Media Activism in the Age of Viral Black Death
Ryan Watson
The Liberatory Potential of Dawson's Creek:  Panicked Reactions to Teen Sex and Television in 1990s US Culture
Elizabeth Crowley Webber
The Velvet Light Trap and the 1990s:  An Annotated Bibliography
          The Editors

Book Reviews

Global Asain American Popular Cultures, edited by Shilpa Davé, Leilani Nishime, and Tasha Oren
Reviewed by Susan Noh
The Zoom:  Drama at the Touch of a Lever, by Nick Hall
Reviewed by Zachary Zahos
Watch Me Play:  Twitch and the Rise of Game Live Streaming, by T. L. Taylor
Reviewed by Jacob Mertens