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Winter 2018, 74:4

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editors' Notes: Empirical, Clinical, and Multicultural Applications of Indvidual Psychology
Jon Sperry and Len Sperry
Dawn of Memories:  Therapeutic Applications of an Early Recollections Interpretation Approach
Arthur J. Clark
Parents' Perception of Young Children's Social Interest Experiences
Erin M. West, Lynne Guillot Miller, Jane A. Cox, and Randall M. Moate
Culturally Responsive Adlerian Counseling for East Asian Clients
Terence T. L. Yee
A Dance of Group Members' Lifestyles:  Supervision of an Adlerian Peer Group Using Early Recollections
Shira Ruth Harpaz, Noa Sarig, Orit Ophir Eldar, Gadi Peiser, Audrey Leiman, Ziva Ginsburg, Ella Kohn, Yael Kerem, and Iris Lavon
Parenting Children With Severe Disabilities
Timothy S. Hartshorne and Alyson Schafer
Assessing and Treating Financial Anxiety:  The Counselor as a Resource Rather than Referrer
LaTonya Summers and Daniel Gutierrez