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Fall 2018, 58:1

JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies
Living in a World without Sun: Jacques Cousteau, Homo acquaticus, and the Dream of Dwelling Undersea
Jon Crylen
From the Question of Soul to a Carnival of Souls: The Truncated Road Film, Gothic Automobiles, and Dangerous Women Drivers
Kimberly Monteyne
Malthus at the Movies:  Science, Cinema, and Activism around Z.P.G. and Soylent Green
Jesse Olszynk-Gryn and Patrick Ellis
The Makings of a Contradictory Franchise:  Revolutionary Melodrama and Cynicism in The Hunger Games.
Joe Tompkins
(Dis)locating Spain:  Performance Intertextualities in Todo sobre mi madre
Duncan Wheeler
The Pleasure of Mourning:  Korean War Blockbusters in Post–Cold War South Korea
We Jung Yi
In Focus:  Why Adult Film History Matters
edited by David Church and Eric Schaefer