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Spring 2018, 21:1

Diálogo, an Interdisciplinary Studies Journal
The Enduring Presence of Latinos in the Midwest
Elizabeth Coonrod Martínez
Latinas and Latinos in the Midwest: Pocos, pero bien Contados
Ruben O. Martinez, Juan D. Coronado
A Demographic Portrait of the Latino Barrios in Chicago
J. S. Onésimo Sandoval
Mexican Immigration and the Saint Louis Region, 1900–1935
Daniel Gonzales
Cultivating a Shared Sense of Place: Ethnic Mexicans and the Environment in Twentieth-Century Kansas City
Raymond W. Rast
Hicimos el Camino en Michigan: Latino Business Pioneers
Juan D. Coronado, Ruben O. Martinez
Visualizing Spaces of Empowerment in Chicanx/Mexicanx Chicago with Artist and Cultural Organizer Diana Solís
Hinda Seif
Social Determinants of Health Care Coverage and Access among Mexican and Mexican American Women in the Chicago Area
Julia Albarracín, Michael Kohler
Investing in Future Generations: Realities and Goals of Latino Immigrant Families
Kimberly Greder, Jordan A. Arellanes


Nebraska Memories: The Barrio Boys of Scottsbluff
Marty Ramírez, Norma E. Cantú


"Why is there a town called Montezuma in the middle of Iowa?": An Interview with Omar Valerio-Jiménez
Juan David Coronado

About the Artist

María Cristina Tavera

Rincón Creativo

Nada, and: Nuestra partida
Natalia López
Luces de luciérnaga, and: Delicada la lluvia, and: Vagabundo, and: Dragones, and: Duende verde
Inés Villarreal
Fraccionaria, and: Alteración(es)
Aurora Sonilú Pérez
Edwin Murillo
Broken Things, or Silent Suffering, and: The Doctor, the Curandero, and the Virgin, or, Is Magic Possible?
Edwin Murillo