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Fall 2018, 21:2

Diálogo, an Interdisciplinary Studies Journal
From the Editor:  The Approach of Light
Elizabeth Coonrod Martínez
Special Report on Puerto Rico:  Bold Policies for Puerto Rico:  A Blueprint for Transformative, Justice-Centered Recovery
Alan A. Aja, Stephan LeFebvre, William Darity Jr., Reynaldo Oritz-Minaya, and Darrick Hamilton
Yoeme's Escape:  Word Stories and teh Grammar of Colonialism in Leslie Marmon Silko's Almanac of the Dead
Reid Gómez
The Polemics of Transcultural Translation in Elena Poniatowska's Chronicle Las soldaderas
Adrienne Erazo
Spiritual Realities and Spiritual Activism: Assessing Gloria Anzaldúa's Light in the Dark/Luz en lo Oscuro
Christopher D. Tirres
Alebrije/Transformer con ojos de guacamole de fuego (recorrido muy general por las historia y estado actualdel eslam de poesía mexicano)
Rojo Córdova
Chicanos, Anglos, and Cholos:  Subverting Constructions of Border Subjects in Crosthwaite's Estrella de la calle Sexta
Anne M. McGee


Making Space and Marking Race:  Emoji Mapping and Liberatory Cartographies in South Los Angeles
Kaelyn D. Rodríguez
Breaking the University Myth:  Deepening Student Engagement through Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Creative Practice
Lani Cupchoy and Dawn A. Dennis


The Escalation of dire Factors in Puerto Rico:  An Interview with Jorge Duany
Marisol Morales

About the Artist

Celeste de Luna

Rincón Creativo

La hija de Rimbaud, and El barco del adiós
Mario Meléndez
Epístolas de amor de un Quijote moderno a su amada. And Fragmento III
Adrián Olivares
Robert Pérez
El reloj Cucú
Lorena Figueroa
One-Foot Skater
Mary Helen Pérez
Scams and Schemes, or How I Thought We Might Get Rich Quick as Kids
Arthur Ramírez
The Guys and a Bottle of Beer, or How I Grew Up One Night
Arthur Ramírez

Book Reviews

A Cirriculum of Fear:  Homeland Security in U.S. Public Schools, by Nicole Nguyen
Ester María Claros Berlioz
¡Manteca! An Anthology of Afro-Latin@ Poets, edited by Melissa Castillo-Garsow
Sergio Gutiérrez Negrón
Latino Protestants in America:  Growing and Diverse, by Mark T. Mulder, Aída I. Ramos, and Gerardo Martí
Lloyd Barba
It's Not about Dreams, by Salima Rivera
Juana Iris Goergen
Latina Lives in Milwaukee, by Theresa Delgadillo
Elizabeth Coonrod Martínez
El monstruo mundo, by Azucena Hernández
Holly Jackson
The Guys and a Bottle of Beer, or How I Grew Up One Night
Arthur Ramírez