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Winter 2017, 73:4

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editors' Notes: Part 2 of Neo-Adlerian Approaches to Psychotherapy and Jon Carlson's Place in the History and Future of Individual Psychology
Jon Sperry and Len Sperry
Introduction to the Neo-Adlerian Approaches to Psychotherapy Special Issue, Part 2
Jon Carlson
Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Individual Psychology
Debbie Joffe Ellis
A Comparison of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy to Adlerian Individual Psychology
Patricia A. Robey, Robert E. Wubbolding, and Michelle Malters
The Work Life Task: Adler's Influence on Career Counseling and Development
Kevin B. Stoltz and Marty Apodaca
Adlerian Thought and Process in Systems of Family Therapy
James Robert Bitter and Jon Carlson
Positive Psychology: A Neo-Adlerian Perspective
Richard E. Watts and Bengü Ergüner-Tekinalp