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Summer 2017, 56:4

JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies
Don’t Call It a Comeback
Will Brooker
From Posthuman to Postcinema: Crises of Subjecthood and Representation in Her
Donna Kornhaber
Bringing the War Home to the United States and East Germany: In the Year of the Pig and Pilots in Pajamas
Sara Blaylock
On Variety: The Avant-Garde between Pornography and Narrative
Kevin L. Ferguson
Beyond Sadness: The Multi-Emotional Trajectory of Melodrama
Julian Hanich, Winfried Menninghaus, and Steve Wilder
The Cinematographic Unconscious of Slum Voyeurism
Elmo Gonzaga
In Focus: Videographic Criticism
edited by Christine Becker
Roundtable: Remix and Videographic Criticism
moderated by Suzanne Scott and Louisa Stein