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Volume 1 (2017)

US Latina & Latino Oral History Journal
The Origins of the 1975 Expansion of the Voting Rights Act: Linking Language, Race, and Political Influence
Luis Ricardo Fraga
Raza Unida Party Women in Texas: Oral History, Pedagogy, and Historical Interpretation
Emilio Zamora
“We are Asking for Equal Education”: Mexican Americans and the Quest for Educational Equity in Arizona
Maritza De La Trinidad
The 1960s Chicano Movement for Educational Reform and the Rise of Student Protest Activism on San Antonio’s Westside
James B. Barrera
Pathways to Political Office: Maria Cárdenas and the Creation of Single-Member Districts in San Angelo, Texas
Tiffany J. González
Repository Review: Mexican American Oral Histories at the Houston Metropolitan Research Center
Christian Kelleher
Notes from the Community: The Llano Grande Center
Francisco Guajardo and Miguel Guajardo
Pathways in Oral History: Mario T. García