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2017 JLAG, 16:2

Journal of Latin American Geography
Why Do Narcos Invest in Rural Land?
Kendra McSweeney, Nazih Richani, Zoe Pearson, Jennifer Devine, and David J. Wrathall
Making Do: The Practice of Imprisonment in Postwar Guatemala
Kevin Lewis O'Neill and Anthony W. Fontes
In-justicia espacial en Guerrero, México: estudio de la red vial en relación a los fenómenos meteorológicos Ingrid y Manuel
Alma Villaseñor-Franco, Alejandra Toscana-Aparicio, and Guadalupe Rebeca Granados-Ramírez
El Riego que el Mercado no Quiere Ver: Historia del Despojo Hídrico en las Comunidades de Lasana y Chiu-Chiu (Desierto de Atacama, Chile)
Manuel Prieto
The Patagonian Imaginary: Natural Resources and Global Capitalism at the Far End of the World
Marcos Mendoza, Robert Fletcher, George Holmes, Laura A. Ogden, and Colombina Schaeffer
Dinámica espacial del proceso de extranjerización de la tierra en la Patagonia
Alberto Vazquez and Marcelo Sili
Local perceptions of measures to control Aedes mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases in Puntarenas and San José, Costa Rica
John T. Bandzuh, Luke Juran, Korine N. Kolivras, and Anne B. Wallis

JLAG Perspectives Forum

Implications of the Trump Administration for Latin American Geography
John C. Finn
The New Resistance: Immigrant Rights Mobilization in an Era of Trump
Austin Kocher
Displacement, Not Deterrence
Nancy Hiemstra
Borders as Systems of Continuity and Discontinuity in the Age of Trump
Margath A. Walker
Old Buddies and Same Old Stories: Argentina and US relations in the Trump Era
Mónica Farías
What Does the Trump Administration Mean for the Mérida Agreement?
Carolyn Gallaher
Lo Que Duele Es Que La Gente Lo Cree: What Hurts Is That People Believe It
Yolanda Valencia

Book Reviews

The Border Crossed Us: Rhetorics of Borders, Citizenship, and Latina/o Identity by Josue David Cisneros
Margath A. Walker
The Chicken and the Quetzal: Incommensurate Ontologies and Portable Values in Guatemala's Cloud Forest by Paul Kockelman
Jordan R. Cissell
City on Fire: Technology, Social Change, and the Hazards of Progress in Mexico City, 1860-1910 by Anna Rose Alexander
Matthew C. LaFevor
Seeds of Empire: Cotton, Slavery, and the Transformation of the Texas Borderlands, 1800-1850 by Andrew J. Torget
Casey Walsh
Colonizing Paradise: Landscape and Empire in the British West Indies by Jefferson Dillman
Linda L. Sturtz

In Memoriam

Fire of Memory: The Geographical Legacy of Eduardo Galeano (1940-2015)
W. George Lovell