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Volume 52, Number 2, 2017

Information & Culture
NORAD's Combat Operations Center: A Distinctively Cold War Environment
Layne Karafantis
Interpreting Diaries: History of Reading and the Diary of the Nineteenth-Century Croatian Female Writer Dragojla Jarnević
Jelena Lakuš and Anita Bajić
Elizabeth Cleveland Morriss (1877–1960), Leader of the Literacy and Adult Elementary Education Movement in North Carolina
Plummer Alston Jones, Jr.
How Subjects Matter: The Kinsey Institute's Sexual Nomenclature: A Thesaurus (1976)
Donna J. Drucker
The Public Library Movement, the Digital Library Movement, and the Large-Scale Digitization Initiative: Assumptions, Intentions, and the Role of the Public
Elisabeth Jones
The Internet in Argentina and Brazil: The Origins of Networking Experiences
Carolina Aguerre