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Fall 2017, 73:3

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editors' Notes: Extending Individual Psychology Theory and Practice Through Empirical and Scholarly Research
Jon Sperry and Len Sperry
Feeling Equal to Others Predicts Life Satisfaction: Implications for Adlerian Neuro-Counselors
Gina Wilson and Reade Dowda
Predictors of Post-Traumatic Growth: The Role of Social Interest and Meaning in Life
Ramona I. Grad and Melissa Zeligman
Attachment, Dyadic Adjustment, and Social Interest: An Indirect Effects Model
Samuel B. Rennebohm, Jyssica Seebeck, and John W. Thoburn
An Adlerian Looks at Challenging Behavior in Severe Disability
Timothy S. Hartshorne
Well-Being Therapy and Adlerian Psychology: Revisiting the Task of Self
Thor Johansen
Adlerian Psychology and Music Therapy: The Harmony of Sound and Matter and Community Feeling
Christopher Eriksson