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Summer 2016, 55:4

Associate Editor’s Introduction: Women’s Work
Anna Froula
The World Is Her Oyster: Negotiating Contemporary White Womanhood in Hollywood’s Tourist Spaces
Kendra Marston
Back to the Drawing Board: Graphic Design and the Visual Environment of Television at Midcentury
Lynn Spigel
Advertising, the Red Scare, and the Blacklist: BBDO, US Steel, and Theatre Guild on the Air, 1945–1952
Cynthia B. Meyers
Making Ahmad “Problem Conscious”: Educational Cinema and the Rural Lecture Caravan in 1930s British Malaya
Nadine Chan
“The Utmost Care, Consideration, and Kindness”: The MPPDA versus Allegations of Animal Abuse, 1923–1925
Courtney E. White
In Focus: Film and Media Studies and the State of Academic Publishing
edited by Emily Carman and Ross Melnick
Roundtable on the Future of Academic Publishing
moderated by Louisa Stein