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Spring 2016, 55:3

JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies
In Translation: Selections from The Fight for National Cinema
Halit Refig, translated and with an introduction by Melis Behlil and Esin Paca Cengiz
Kubrick's Double: Lolita's Hidden Heart of Jewishness
Nathan Abrams
PG-13, Ratings Creep, and the Legacy of Screen Violence: The MPAA Responds to the FTC's "Marketing Violent Entertainment to Children" (2000–2009)
Kia Afra
The Dialectics of Cruelty: Rethinking Artaudian Cinema
Angelos Koutsourakis
Salisbury Stakes: Twentieth Century-Fox, Segregated Cinemas, and the Making of an International Crisis in Colonial Zimbabwe, 1959–1961
Ross Melnick
In Focus: Returning to the Red Room—Twin Peaks at Twenty-Five
edited by Ross P. Garner and Karra Shimabukuro with a foreword by David Lavery
Book Reviews: Contemporary TV Studies and David Lynch
edited by Louisa Stein