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2016 JLAG, 15:1

Journal of Latin American Geography
The Geography of Border Militarization: Violence, Death and Health in Mexico and the United States
Jeremy Slack, Daniel E. Martínez, Alison Elizabeth Lee, and Scott Whiteford
Spatial Patterns of Frontier Settlement: Balancing Conservation and Development
Cynthia Simmons, Robert Walker, Stephen Perz, Eugenio Arima, Stephen Aldrich, and Marcellus Caldas
“No Trespassing”: Changing and Contested Rights to Land in the Guyanese Amazon
Katherine MacDonald
State Forestry Incentives and Community Stewardship: A Political Ecology of Payments and Compensation for Ecosystem Services in Guatemala’s Highlands
Nicolena vonHedemann and Tracey Osborne
Building Cities, Constructing Citizens: Sustainable Rural Cities in Chiapas, Mexico
Valente Soto and Jeffrey M. Banister
Latin American Corruption in Geographic Perspective
Barney Warf and Sheridan Stewart
JLAG Perspectives: Zika Anxieties and a Role for Geography
Eric D. Carter

Book Reviews

Modernization, Urbanization, and Development in Latin America, 1900s–2000s by Arturo Almandoz (review)
Kent Mathewson
Black Writing, Culture, and the State in Latin America ed. by Jerome C. Branche (review)
L. Kaifa Roland
Mapas para la nación. Episodios en la historia de la cartografía argentina by Carla Lois (review)
Jörn Seemann
The State and the Private Sector in Latin America: The Shift to Partnership by Mauricio Font (review)
Joseph L. Scarpaci