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Winter 2015, 71:4

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editors’ Notes: The Individual Psychology Perspective: Positive Psychology, Freud and Adler in Paris, Philosophy, Neuroticism, and Classroom Techniques
Roy M. Kern and William L. Curlette
Pragmatics and Operational Principles of Positive Psychology Research and Clinical Findings with Implications for Adlerian Psychology
Gerald J. Mozdzierz
Paris: Freud and Adler
Valery Leibin and Marina Bluvshtein
Friedrich Nietzsche and Alfred Adler
Mark H. Stone
The Meaning of Neurosis According to Adler
Zivit Abramson
Teachers as Leaders: The Impact of Adler-Dreikurs Classroom Management Techniques on Students’ Perceptions of the Classroom Environment and on Academic Achievement
Fariba Soheili, Hamid Alizadeh, Jason M. Murphy, Hossein Salimi Bajestani, and Eva Dreikurs Ferguson