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Summer 2015, 71:2

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editors’ Notes: Adler’s Unlimited Universe
Marina Bluvshtein, Susan Belangee, and Daniel Haugen
Generation Z: Technology and Social Interest
Anthony Turner
When Your Smartphone Is Too Smart for Your Own Good: How Social Media Alters Human Relationships
Lori Ann Wagner
Cybersocial Connectedness: A Survey of Perceived Benefits and Disadvantages of Social Media Use
Susan Belangee, Marina Bluvshtein, and Daniel Haugen
The Impact of Social Media on Personal and Professional Lives: An Adlerian Perspective
Jesse Fleck and Leigh Johnson-Migalski
From Netthinking to Networking to Netfeeling: Using Social Media to Help People in Job Transitions
Marina Bluvshtein, Melody Kruzic, and Victor Massaglia
Adlerian Counseling in a Virtual World: Some Implications of Internet Practice for the Development of Gemeinschaftsgefühl
Richard E. Close
New Problems in Today’s Technological Era: An Adlerian Case Example
Zachary D. Bloom and Dalena Dillman Taylor
Social Interest, Empathy, and Online Support Groups
Heidi Hammond
Online and Phone Therapy: Challenges and Opportunities
Alana Kingsley and Janna A. Henning
Ethical Implications of Trends in Technology
Courtney L. Klaus and Timothy S. Hartshorne

Student Forums

Serious Reading, Internet, and the Development of Social Interest
Ruth K. Dahle Buelow, Andrea Hansen, and Mary Kay Hoffman
Internet and Faith
Erik Mansager, Beth McDonald, and Hallie M. Williams Sr.
The Debate Goes Digital
Leah Macpherson, Lawna Gamble, Jonah Ross, and Robert Saxner