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Summer 2015, 54:4

Animating the Cinéfils: Alain Resnais and the Cinema of Discovery
Karen Beckman
Prometheus in Chicago: Film Portrayals of the Chaining and Gagging of Bobby Seale and the “Real-ization” of Resistance
Greg Burris
Projections of Diasporic Sensibilities through Travel: Wong Kar Wai in/and My Blueberry Nights
Yi Wei Chew
“Useful Cinema,” of What Use? Assessing the Role of Motion Pictures in the Largest Public Relations Campaign of the 1920s
Paul Monticone
New Hollywood in the Rust Belt: Urban Decline and Downtown Renaissance in The King of Marvin Gardens and Rocky
Lawrence Webb
In Focus: Homeland
edited by Diane Negra and Jorie Lagerway
Book Reviews: Issues in Contemporary Television Studies
edited by Louisa Stein