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Spring 2015, 71:1

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editors’ Notes: Individual Psychology: The Sweet and Sour of the Human Condition
Roy M. Kern and William L. Curlette
On Suicide and Drunkenness
Alexandra Adler compiled by Marina Bluvshtein
Advice from the Masters III: Francis X. Walton
Korey L. Watkins and Thomas G. Lindquist
Self-Efficacy and Early Recollections in the Context of Adlerian and Wellness Theory
Heather Pomeroy and Arthur J. Clark
Correcting Misconceptions About Alfred Adler's Psychological Theory of Crime in Introductory Criminology Textbooks: Moving Adler's Theory of Crime Forward
Shannon M. Barton-Bellessa, Jihee Lee, and Phillip Shon
Lifestyle as a Predictor of Posttraumatic Growth
Michael S. Leeman, Franco Dispenza, and Catherine Y. Chang
Advocating for the Use of Social Network Analysis in Individual Psychology
William L. Curlette and Robert C. Hendrick

Book Review

A Review of Dawn of Memories: The Meaning of Early Recollections in Life by Arthur J. Clark
Leigh Johnson-Migalski