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2015 JLAG, 14:1

Journal of Latin American Geography
Introduction to Special Issue on 'Amenity Migration'
Matthew Hayes
Class, Race, Privilege: Structuring the Lifestyle Migrant Experience in Boquete, Panama
Michaela Caroline Benson
Health Care Imaginaries and Retirement Migration to Cuenca, Ecuador
Ann Miles
En búsqueda de lo rural: Migración de amenidad en los Valles Calchaquíes, Argentina
Gerhard Rainer and Matilde Malizia
Into the Universe of the Hacienda: Lifestyle, Migration, Individualism and Social Dislocation in Vilcabamba, Ecuador
Matthew Hayes
Lifestyle Transmigration: Understanding a Hypermobile Minority in Mérida, Mexico
Eve Bantman-Masum
Cultural Imaginaries in the Residential Migration to Cotacachi
María Amelia Viteri
Transnationality and Social Integration within Lifestyle Migration. A comparative study of two cases in Mexico and Spain
Omar Lizarraga, Alejandro Mantecón, and Raquel Huete
The Future of Lifestyle Migration: Challenges and Opportunities
Sheila Croucher