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Volume 50, Number 3, 2015

Information & Culture
History with an Impact: The Most-Cited Articles in the Journal of Library History and Its Successors over the Past Fifty Years
Edward A. Goedeken
What Happens When You Push This? Toward a History of the Not-So-Easy Button
Rachel Plotnick
Information in the Novel and the Novel as Information System: Charles Dickens’s Little Dorrit and Margaret Drabble’s Radiant Way Trilogy
Carol Colatrella
The Djogdja Documenten: The Dutch-Indonesian Relationship Following Independence through an Archival Lens
Michael Karabinos
Paper, Information, and Identity in 1920s America
Craig Robertson
Perspectives on Information History: A Perspective on the Larger World: Newspaper Coverage of National and International Events in Three Small US Cities, 1870–1920
Melissa G. Ocepek, Unmil Karadkar, and William Aspray