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Fall 2015, 18:2

Diálogo, an Interdisciplinary Studies Journal
The U.S. Story of Immigrants and Un-Immigrants
Elizabeth Coonrod Martínez
Reframing Immigration in the Americas
Gilda L. Ochoa, Enrique C. Ochoa, and Suyapa G. Portillo
Organizations Serving Latino Communities Take Opposing Positions on Senate Bill 744
Gilbert G. Gonzalez
The "Good," the "Bad," and the Queer Invisible: The Los Angeles May Day Queer Contingent
Suyapa G. Portillo Villeda, Eileen J. Ma, Stacey I. Macías, and Carmen Varela
Branding Guilt: American Apparel Inc. and Latina Labor in Los Angeles
Hannah Noel
Cultural Citizenship and Coming Out on a College Campus: The Undocumented Students’ Response to Everyday Immigration Enforcement
Julia Wignall
Idealizing Maya Culture: The Politics of Race, Indigeneity, and Immigration Among Maya Restaurant Owners in Southern California
M. Bianet Castellanos
Queering Citizenship: UndocuQueer and Immigration Reform
Betsy Dahms
Humiliation as Technique: Neoliberalism and the Noncitizen's Body
Munia Bhaumik
Queering Political Economy in Neoliberal Ironbound Newark: Subjectivity and Spacemaking among Brazilian Queer Immigrant Men
Yamil Avivi
Not Coming Out, but Building Home: An Oral History in Re-conceptualizing a Queer Migrant Home
Sandibel Borges
"Sobreviviendo": Immigration Stories and Testimonio in Song
Martha E. Gonzalez
Empowering Students through Creative Resistance: Art-based Critical Pedagogy in the Immigrant Experience
Luis-Genaro Garcia


Diáspora Interruptus
Manuela Camus
Moving Beyond Immigration Reform: A Call for Social Inclusion and to Change U.S. Foreign Policy
Esther Portillo-Gonzales
"Stop this Bullshit"
Riku Matsuda
Indigenous Migrants and Language Barriers in the U.S.
Odilia Romero
Self-determination and Intersectionality in the Immigrant Rights Movement
Betty Hung


The Art of Community: An Interview with Malaquías Montoya
Delia Cosentino