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Winter 2014, 53:2

JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies
Depth Readings: Ken Jacobs’s Digital, Stereographic Films
Brooke Belisle
Stardom, Sentimental Education, and the Shaping of Global Citizens
Julie Wilson
Exhausted Landscapes: Reframing the Rural in Recent Argentine and Brazilian Films
Jens Andermann
Cinema and Suicide: Necromanticism, Dead-already-ness, and the Logic of the Vanishing Point
Michele Aaron
Histrionic Gestures and Historical Representation: Masina’s Cabiria, Bazin’s Chaplin, and Fellini’s Neorealism
Karl Schoonover
In Focus: Queer Approaches to Film, Television, and Digital Media
edited by Patty Ahn, Julia Himberg, Damon R. Young
Book Reviews: Queer Caucus
edited by Louisa Stein