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#73, Spring 2014

The Velvet Light Trap

Early Cold War Media

Japan’s Film Festival Diplomacy in Cold War Asia
Michael Baskett
Undetected Media: Intelligence and the U-2 Spy Plane
Abby Hinsman
Bizarre Beauty: 1950s Runaway Production in Japan
Ken Provencher
Soft Power Cinema: Corporate Sponsorship, Visual Pedagogy, and the Cultural Cold War in West Africa
Noah Tsika
The Corporation and the Counterculture: Revisiting the Pepsi Pavilion and the Politics of Cold War Multimedia
Fred Turner

Book Reviews

New Queer Cinema: The Director’s Cut by B. Ruby Rich
Reviewed by Lokeilani Kaimana
American Film Cycles: Reframing Genres, Screening Social Problems, and Defining Subcultures by Amanda Ann Klein
Reviewed by Josh Gleich