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Summer 2014, 70:2

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editors’ Notes: Parenting from the Individual Psychology Perspective: Obstacles, Challenges, Culture, and Psychoeducational Programs
Roy M. Kern, Paul R. Rasmussen, and William L. Curlette
The Task, Challenges, and Obstacles of Parenting
Paul R. Rasmussen
Expanding Adlerian Application: The Tasks, Challenges, and Obstacles for African American Parents
Nataka Moore and Tiffany McDowell
The Family Council: Different Styles of Family Deliberation in Two Cultures
Shlomit Oryan
Modern Approaches to Modern Challenges: A Review of Widely Used Parenting Programs
Thomas G. Lindquist and Korey L. Watkins
Active Parenting: 30 Years of Video-Based Parent Education
Michael H. Popkin