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Volume 49, Number 3, 2014

Information & Culture
Information in Everyday Life: Boys’ and Girls’ Agricultural Clubs as Sponsors of Literacy, 1900–1920
Ciaran B. Trace
The Generic Evolution of Calendars and Guides at the Public Record Office of Great Britain, ca. 1838–1968
Heather MacNeil and Jennifer Douglas
Lester J. Cappon, an Unwritten Textbook, and Early Archival Education in the United States
Richard J. Cox
From Atomic Shelters to Arms Control: Libraries, Civil Defense, and American Militarism during the Cold War
Brett Spencer
The Hophrasamut Wachirayan: Library and Club of the Siamese Aristocracy, 1881–1905
Chirabodee Tejasen and Brendan Luyt