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Winter 2013, 52:2

ACCESS DENIED: Godard Palestine Representation
Niels Niessen
Mental Landscapes: Bazin, Deleuze, and Neorealism (Then and Now)
Justin Horton
"Hard to Handle": Camp Criticism, Trash-Film Reception, and the Transgressive Pleasures of Myra Breckinridge
David Scott Diffrient
Persistently Displaced: Situated Knowledges and Interrelated Histories in The Spook Who Sat by the Door
Samantha N. Sheppard
"Rotten to the Core": Exposing America's Energy-Media Complex in The China Syndrome
Tony Shaw
In Focus: Scholarly Publishing
edited by Mary C. Francis
Surveying Recent Scholarship on Fair Use: A Conversation
moderated by Peter Decherney