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Summer/Fall, 2013 44:2

Asian Music

Constructing Genre in Indonesian Popular Music: From Colonized Archipelago to Contemporary World Stage
A Special Issue

Guest Editors: Jeremy Wallach and Esther Clinton

Popular Music Genres in the Dutch East Indies and Following Independence

From the Guest Editors
Jeremy Wallach and Esther Clinton

Genre, Hybridity, and Globalization, 1960–2012

History, Modernity, and Music Genre in Indonesia: Introduction to the Special Issue
Jeremy Wallach and Esther Clinton
Three Genres of Indonesian Popular Music: Their Trajectories in the Colonial Era and After
Philip Yampolsky
Musical Genre and Hybridity in Indonesia: Simponi Kecapi and Campur Sari
R. Anderson Sutton
Exemplary Centers and Musical Elsewheres: On Authenticity and Autonomy in Indonesian Indie Music
Brent Luvaas
"Dance to Your Roots": Genre Fusions in the Music of Indonesia's Krakatau
David Harnish and Jeremy Wallach

Contested Genres in the Present: Two Case Studies

Elevating the Underground: Claiming a Space for Indie Music among Bali's Many Soundworlds
Rebekah E. Moore
The Sound and Spectacle of Dangdut Koplo: Genre and Counter-Genre in East Java, Indonesia
Andrew N. Weintraub