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Spring 2013, 52:3

Raymond Williams on Film
Dana Polan
Film and the Cultural Tradition
Raymond Williams
"A Remarkable Adventure":
Martin Luther and the 1950s Religious Marketplace
Dan Chyutin
Visual Riposte: Looking Back at the Return of the Gaze as Postcolonial Theory's Gift to Film Studies
Paula Amad
Frustrated Climaxes: On Maya Deren's Meshes of the Afternoon and Witch's Cradle
Sarah Keller
Media Fantasies: Women, Mobility, and Silent-Era Japanese Ballad Films
Diane Wei Lewis
"Independence," Industrial Authorship, and Professional Entrepreneurship: Representing and Reorganizing Television Writing in the FCC Media Ownership Reviews
Josh Heuman
In Focus: Media Industries Studies
edited by Paul McDonald
Book Review Essay: Television 2013
Amanda D. Lotz