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Spring 2013, 16:1

Diálogo, an Interdisciplinary Studies Journal
Who are our Ancestors?
Elizabeth Coonrod Martínez
True Interdisciplinarity
Peter Casarella
The Resurrection Project of Mexican Catholic Chicago: Spiritual Activism and Liberating Praxis
Karen Mary Davalos
Faith and Family for Early Mexican Immigrants to Chicago: The Diary of Elidia Barroso
Introduction by Deborah Kanter
Latino-Indigenous Influence on U.S. Catholicism in Demetria Martínez’s Confessions of a Berlitz-tape Chicana
Elizabeth Coonrod Martínez
La Tradición Conchera: Historical Process of Danza and Catholicism
Jennie Luna


Remapping Catholicism in the U.S.: An Interview with Timothy Matovina
Peter Casarella


An Archbishop’s View on Immigration and Social Activism
Rubén Franco
Between the Chac Mool & the Chalice: An Art Exhibit at DePaul University
Eric J. Garcia

Rincón Creativo

The Storm and Mom’s Prayers, or How I Lost My Religion
Arthur Ramírez