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2013 JLAG, 12:3

Journal of Latin American Geography
Áreas Prioritarias de Geo-conservación de la biodiversidad en la Península de Baja California, México
Rigel Alfonso Zaragoza Alvarez, Edward M. Peters Recagno, Manuel Bollo Manent, José Ramón Hernández Santana
Income Change and Circular Migration: The Curious Case of of Mobile Puerto Ricans, 1995–2010
Samuel M. Otterstrom and Benjamin F. Tillman
Dry Season Runoff and Natural Water Storage Capacity in the High Andean Catchment of the River Ronquillo in the Northern Sierra of Peru
Joachim Krois, Sven Abendroth, Achim Schulte, and Michael Schneider
When the State Becomes the Land Grabber: Violence and Dispossession in the Name of 'Development' in Brazil
Marcos A. Pedlowski
Colonial y animado: percepcíon del Centro Histórico de Morelia entre los residentes de la ciudad
Ilia Alvarado Sizzo
Natural Hazards, Diverse Economy and Livelihoods in the Sierra de las Minas, Guatemala
Lindsey Sutton and Carla Restrepo
Technological Dependency and the Internet: Latin America Access from Buenos Aires, 2001–2013
Gustavo D. Buzai
Environmental Outcomes of Lifestyle Migration: Land Cover Change and Land Use Transitions in the Bocas del Toro Archipelago in Panama
Ana K. Spalding


Geomorphology in Mexico: Trends and Themes, 1986–2012
José Luis Palacio-Prieto and Gerardo Bocco