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2013 JLAG, 12:1

Journal of Latin American Geography
Special Issue on Latin American Commons: An Introduction
James P. Robson and Gabriela Lichtenstein
Current Trends in Latin American Commons Research
James P. Robson and Gabriela Lichtenstein
When the State Supplies the Commons: Origins, Changes, and Design of Mexico's Common Property Regime
David Barton Bray
The Impact of Trans-National Migration on Commons Management among Mexican Indigenous Communities
Daniel Klooster
The Dynamic Forest Commons of Central America: New Directions for Research
Iliana Monterroso and Anne M. Larson
The Emergence of Collective-Action with Adaptive Capacity for Biodiversity Conservation in Protected Areas in Costa Rica
Xavier Basurto and Ignacio Jiménez-Pérez
Research and Scholarship on National Commons in Brazil
Christian Simão Seixas, Luciana Gomes de Araujo, and Fernando Binotti Piccolo
Indigenous Lands, Commons, Juridical Pluralism and Sustainability in Brazil: Lessons from the Indigenous Lands of Raposa Serra del Sol
Vincenzo M. Lauriola
Guanaco Management in Argentina: Taking a Commons Perspective
Gabriela Lichtenstein