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September 2013, 22:3

Journal of the History of Sexuality
A Suitcase Full of Vaseline, or Travels in the 1970s Gay World
Lucas Hilderbrand
Bad Examples: Children, Servants, and Masturbation in Nineteenth-Century France
Andrew J. Counter
“We, the Sexologists . . .”: Arabic Medical Writing on Sexuality, 1879–1943
Liat Kozma
Love, Sex, and Happiness in Education: The Russells, Beacon Hill School, and Teaching “Sex-Love” in England, 1927–1943
Carla Hustak
Viola Bernard and the Analysis of “Alice Conrad”: A Case Study in the History of Intimacy
Joy Damousi
“It Is One of Those Things That Nobody Can Explain”: Medicine, Homosexuality, and the Australian Criminal Courts during World War II
Yorick Smaal