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January 2013, 22:1

Journal of the History of Sexuality
In Bizarre Fashion: The Double-Voiced Discourse of John Willie's Fetish Fantasia
Julia Pine
Colonial Allure: Normal Homoeroticism and Sodomy in French and Timucuan Encounters in Sixteenth-Century Florida
Heather Martel
Reconsidering Libertines and Early Modern Heterosexuality: Sex and American Founder Gouverneur Morris
Thomas Foster
Trauma, Body, and Mind: Forensic Medicine in Nineteenth-Century Dutch Rape Cases
Willemijn Ruberg
Keying Desire: Alfred Kinsey's Use of Punched-Card Machines for Sex Research
Donna J. Drucker
"The Civil Rights of Parents": Race and Conservative Politics in Anita Bryant's Campaign against Gay Rights in 1970s Florida
Gillian Frank