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Fall 2013, 69:3

Journal of Individual Psychology
Conceptualizing and Treatment of Trauma and Self-Destructive Behavior: The Individual Psychology Perspective
Michael Maniacci and Leigh Johnson-Migalski
Towards an Adlerian Perspective on Trauma
Trevor Hjertaas
A Framework for Applying Reflecting “As If” with Nonsuicidal Self-Injurious Clients
Amanda C. La Guardia, Richard E. Watts, and Yvonne Garza
Adlerian Art Therapy with Sexual Abuse and Assault Survivors
Marni Rosen Saltzman, Monique Matic, and Emily Marsden
Trauma Therapy: An Adlerian Perspective
Anthea Millar
Working with Survivors of Traumatic Life Events: A Response to Millar on the Adlerian Approach
Janna A. Henning