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Fall 2013, 53:1

JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies
Diegetic Withdrawal and Other Worlds: Film Music Strategies before King Kong, 1927–1933
Michael Slowik
Uruguay Disappears: Small Cinemas, Control Z Films, and the Aesthetics and Politics of Auto-Erasure
David Martin-Jones and María Soledad Montañez
Jazzing in the Tokyo Slum: Music, Influence, and Censorship in Akira Kurosawa’s Drunken Angel
Michael W. Harris
Fast and Bilingual: Fast & Furious and the Latinization of Racelessness
Mary Beltrán
Original Copies: How Film and Video Became Art Objects
Erika Balsom
In Focus: Gender and Labor in Recession-Era Media and Media Studies
edited by Caetlin Benson-Allott
Book Reviews: Women’s Caucus
edited by Louisa Stein