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Winter 2012, 51:2

Robert Bresson’s Modernist Canvas: The Gesture toward Painting in Au hasard Balthazar
Raymond Watkins
Remembering Cinema “Elsewhere”: From Retrospection to Introspection in the Gallery Film
Catherine Fowler
Tweeting @feliciaday: Online Social Media, Convergence, and Subcultural Stardom
Elizabeth Ellcessor
US “Indie-Horror”: Critical Reception, Genre Construction, and Suspect Hybridity
Jamie Sexton
After New Latin American Cinema
Paul A. Schroeder Rodríguez
Doing Justice: A Ritual-Psychoanalytic Approach to Postmodern Melodrama and a Certain Tendency of the Action Film
Richard Pope
Conference Report: Media in Transition 7: Unstable Platforms: The Promise and Peril of Transition, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, May 13–15, 2011
submitted by Miranda Banks
In Focus: Screen Technologies
edited by Haidee Wasson
Book Reviews: Screen Studies
edited by Amanda Lotz