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Fall 2012, 54:3

Texas Studies in Literature and Language

Linguistics and Literary Studies: Computation and Convergence Essays from the 2010 Texas Institute for Literary and Textual Studies

Guest Editors: Matt Cohen and Lars Hinrichs

Electronic Text Analysis and Nineteenth-Century Newspapers: TokenX and the Richmond Daily Dispatch
Elizabeth Lorang and Brian Pytlik Zillig
The Substantial Words Are in the Ground and Sea: Computationally Linking Text and Geography
Travis Brown, Jason Baldridge, Maria Esteva, and Weijia Xu
Editing in the Age of Automation
Amanda Gailey
Literary Forensics: Fingerprinting the Literary Dialects of Three Works of Plantation Fiction
Philip Leigh
A Variationist Approach to Text: What Role-Players Can Teach Us about Form and Meaning
Josh Iorio
Prototypical Characteristics of Blockbuster Movie Dialogue: A Corpus Stylistic Analysis
Dan McIntyre
The Story of one: Narrative and Composition in Gertrude Stein's The Making of Americans
Tanya Clement