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Spring 2012, 68:1

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editors’ Notes: Birth Order Within Individual Psychology
Alan E. Stewart and Daniel Eckstein
The 14th Heinz and Rowena Ansbacher Memorial Lecture: The Task of Intimacy
Betty Lou Bettner
The Relationship of Birth Order and Gender with Academic Standing and Substance Use Among Youth in Latin America
Pilar S. Horner, Fernando Andrade, Jorge Delva, Andrew Grogan-Kaylor, and Marcela Castillo
Only Children: An Updated Review
Toni Falbo
Meet the Farfels: An Activity for Discovering and Discussing Birth Position
Al Milliren and Mike Dubrovich
The Role of Birth Order in Personality: An Enduring Intellectual Legacy of Alfred Adler
Daniel Eckstein and Jason A. Kaufman
Issues in Birth Order Research Methodology: Perspectives from Individual Psychology
Alan E. Stewart