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2012 JLAG, 11:2

Journal of Latin American Geography
Socio-environmental Conflicts in Latin America
Carlos Reboratti
Socio-environmental Conflicts in Argentina
Carlos Reboratti
Indigenous Land and Environmental Conflicts in Panama: Neoliberal Multiculturalism, Changing Legislation, and Human Rights
Julie Velásquez Runk
Consultation, Compensation and Conflict: Natural Gas Extraction in Weenbayek Territory, Bolivia
Denise Humphreys Bebbington
Contested Groves: Forest Reserves and Land Conflict in the Eastern Amazon
Stephen P. Aldrich
Consultation, Compensation and Extraction in Bolivia after the 'Left Turn': The Case of Oil Exploration in the North of La Paz Department
Lorenzo Pellegrini and Marco Octavio Ribera Arismendi
Malleable Identities: Placing the Garínagu in New Orleans
James Chaney
La gestión del agua y el desarrollo de indicadores ambientales en México y Canadá: un análisis comparativo
Argelia Tiburcio Sánchez y María Perevochtchikova
Indigenous Struggles for a Plurinational state: An Analysis of Indigenous Rights and Competences in Bolivia
Isabella M. Radhuber