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Fall 2012, 15:2

Diálogo, an Interdisciplinary Studies Journal
When You Can’t Go Back: Exile and Dislocation
Achy Obejas
Karla Suárez, Silente Viajera
Mabel Cuesta
Merging Exile into Diaspora: Other Letters to Milena
Kristin Dykstra
A Young Woman Brought the First Flowers
Reina María Rodríguez, translated by Kristin Dykstra


Loida Maritza Pérez
CLR Oral Histories

Featured Theme

Tropical Disturbances
Cristina García
Fragment from the Diary of My Return to Chile in 1990
Ariel Dorfman
The Shine in the Eyes of the Naked
Adrián Castro
Siempre Nos Quedará Madrid [fragmentos]
Displacing Forces
Gint Aras


Poems from One Day My Hands Will Touch the Ceiling
Erika M. Martínez
La ciudad donde habito
Johanny Vázquez Paz
Los primeros dos años aquí (son los más duros)
Néstor Díaz de Villegas
Fancy Limes at a Sponging House and The Biographical Fallacies Found in Migration’s Anxious Knuckles
Michael J. Pagán