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#67, Spring 2011

The Velvet Light Trap

Seeing Race: The Enduring Dilemma

Sincere Fictions: The Production Cultures of Whiteness in Late 1960s Hollywood
Eithne Quinn
Alabama Constitutional Reform in Black and White
Gina Caison
Black Man/White Machine: Will Smith Crosses Over
Lorrie Palmer
Beyond Tokenism and Tricksterism: Bobby Lee, MADtv, and the De(con)structive Impulse of Korean American Comedy
David Scott Diffrient
Revisiting Sunday Morning Apartheid: The Politics of Of Color Blindness and Racial Formation in the Harry Reid Controversy
Doug E. Julien
The Racial Politics of Disaster and Dystopia in I Am Legend
Sean Brayton

Book Reviews

Punk Slash! Musicals: Tracking Slip-Synch on Film by David Laderman
Reviewed by Curran Nault
Global Television: Co-Producing Culture by Barbara J. Selznick
Reviewed by Kevin Sanson