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Summer 2011, 67:2

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editors’ Notes: Individual Psychologyand the Work Life Task: An Expression of Lifestyle
Kevin B. Stoltz
Striving to Adapt: Addressing Adler’s Work Task in the 21st Century
Jennifer J. Del Corso, Mark C. Rehfuss, and Kevin Galvin
Adlerian-based Career Counseling in an Age of Protean Careers
Brian J. Taber and William C. Briddick
When Lifestyles Collide: An Adlerian-based Approach to Workplace Conflict
Susan R. Barclay and Lori A. Wolff
Workaholism: Addiction to Work
Rachel Shifron and Rebekah R. Reysen
Exploring Lifestyle as a Predictor of Career Adaptability Using a Predominantly African American Rural Sample
Kevin B. Stoltz, Lori A. Wolff, and Susan S. McClelland
The Challenge of Work: The Influences of Work Orientation and Stage of Expertise on Social Interest
Len Sperry